Decentralized store network based on blockchain technology, Mobazha


Campaign overview

Funded Jul 23, 2022
150.29 / 165.00 BCH

Establish a global decentralized store network composed of global users as nodes, and supports cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Complete the trade loop of physical, digital and virtual goods, NFT and so on. No platform fee, protect privacy.

This campain is for the 3.0 infrastructure support, mobile and search engine upgrade. After it is done, we would continue on the Web support in the next phase.

Problem to Solve

  • At present, there are nearly 20k types of cryptocurrencies, and the total market value is in the same level to the global circulation of US dollars. Young people have a high holding rate, but they lack good trading scenarios. Usually, they need exchange fiat currencies before commodity trading.
  • For centralized e-commerce, the whole process of transaction flow data is left on the platform. It is difficult to completely protect consumer privacy.
  • Involving global cross-border transactions requires the use of SWIFT or SEPA etc. and requires KYC certification. According to Standard Chartered Bank's charging standards, the minimum amount of each cross-border clearing is 30$, which raises the threshold and fees for ordinary e-commerce transactions. Russian banks are excluded from the SWIFT system.


We are working on Mobazha (Derived from OpenBazaar). It is based on IPFS and other blockchain technologies to establish a decentralized e-commerce transaction network with global users as nodes. In short:

  1. The store is in the user's own mobile phone; if you have a mobile phone, you can open a store. The product information and transaction flow are in the user's own mobile phone, and the revenue.
  2. Provide a secure and reliable transaction network without platform intervention and based on the blockchain arbitration guarantee mechanism; Efficient, real-time, and integrated into daily life.
  3. Provide a search engine based on a decentralized network
  4. Provide trading interfaces for various virtual worlds, like metaverse.

We have setup the OpenBazaar 2.0 network after OB1 (Previous OB company) announced shutdown the infrastructure in Jan 2021. We also maintained a community in Telegram that many people are ob veterans, enthusiasts, and fanatics. Due to ob2.0 tech debt, performance and stability improvements, we are working on ob next version 3.0 adoption and new feature providing. We set up this campaign and hope you could support.

We apply for 165 BCH to sustain the development and infrastructure building, for the next 5 months, including:

  1. OB3.0 backend finish (already 85% done).
  2. Desktop client upgrade to support 3.0.
  3. Design new mobile UX according to 3.0; Update mobile client; online on both Apple store and Google Play.
  4. Update Search Engine with 3.0 infrastructure.
  5. 3.0 infrastructure setting up.
  6. Bitcoin cash zero-conf payment with moderation research.

After this phase is done, we would work on web design and integration.

Our current sites: